5 Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Living Room Sofa

Want to buy a sofa for your living room? Let’s make your decision easier by giving you several ideas for choosing the perfect sofa for your lounge!

In every home, the sofa is the only piece of furniture that serves everyone equally. Whether you watch movies or sleep over them, it welcomes you warmly. But do you think your sofa is perfect for your living room? Is it accurately placed in your lounge? These are the questions that every buyer ponders over while investing in it. So, this article serves you by giving many ideas about how to choose an ideal sofa!

1. Study your Space and Layout

It is the foremost step to consider when you buy a sofa. Make sure to measure the dimensions of the space and feel the layout of your living room. If your living room is small or has low -ceilings, you can opt for a loveseat because buying a sizeable three-seater chaise into your studio apartment will consume all your space.

Meanwhile, the other worth-noting point is to pick the right sofa style according to the size of your room. For instance: you can buy a regular 3-seater sofa for a standard room, but if you’re going for a recliner, you would have to size it down to a 2-seater as they occupy more space.

Hence, the rule of thumb is to ensure that your couch does not occupy the entire wall length and that there should be at least a space of 18 inches on either side of it. This is the secret of placing the sofa perfectly in your living room!

2. Access The Function of Sofa

Every piece of furniture is built for a different function. Always make sure to access its functionality before buying it. For what purpose do you need it? Do you need it for book reading? Or use it as a comfortable sleeping space after a hard day?

Moreover, think about how many people will be using the sofa at one time.
A larger sectional may be worthwhile if you enjoy having many guests watch television. But a smaller sofa would be better if you love your company. However, a two-seater, on the other hand, is adequate for a couple. So, remember to check the function of the sofa before purchasing it!

3. Prioritize Your Comfort

Comfort should be on priority when buying a sofa because it is the most frequently used furniture in the house. But comfort is linked with the sofa’s fabric, frame, height, and depth. Make sure to lie down or sit on the sofa before taking it to your living room.

For instance, you should ponder over the following question while considering comfort:

  1. What is the frame made up of?
  2. Whether you want Soft or Firm Cushions?
  3. Whether you want high or low-back sofas?
  4. What is your preferable seat depth?

Let’s address the first questions.

1. Material of Frame

Whenever you buy a sofa, choose a hardwood frame rather than composites of metal and wood, as hardwood provides ultimate toughness and strength that ensures durability. You may have noticed that many cheap sofas in the market are built with metal staples, which reduces their comfort and age, so you cannot compare these with the quality of sofas where corner blocks are fixed with screws.

2. Soft Cushions VS Firm Seats

If you want softness, then plush cushions are preferable because you can feel relaxed just by seeing them. These cushions are meant to give you ultimate comfort whether you sleep over them or watch movies. However, if you don’t want to sink into the sofa, you can opt for firm seats. These seats usually come with leather sofas. Moreover, the firm seats are also loved for their sleek feel and traditional appearance.

3. High Back Vs. Low Back Sofa

Opting for a high-back or low-back sofa solely depends upon your needs. If you like to recline or lie back, you can put cushions on a low-back sofa. On the other hand, if you need cushioning support for your back, neck, or shoulders, a high-back sofa may be suitable.

4. Depth of the Sofa

The depth of the seats also varies according to your need. If you have a medium height, a shallow seat will allow you to sit upright with your feet flat on the floor, whereas a deep seat will make you uncomfortable. On the other hand, a deep seat may be preferable for someone who likes to lie back and relax, as it provides more space to do so.

4. Look for a suitable Style

The style of the sofa depends upon your needs and your interior. A sleek, minimalist sofa might be suitable if your space is modern. However, a classic or a tufted sofa may be better for a traditional space.

Here are the following styles that can complement your living room!

  • Sectional: Sectional is a good choice if you are finding versatility. Its roomy style will give your family a perfect space to enjoy it from the right or left. Moreover, you can get it customized according to your living room layout.
  • Sleeper Sofa: A sleeper sofa can fit accurately in a small space. It provides a comfy sleep space, and its pull-out bed can also offer a sleeping to your guest.
  • Chesterfield Sofa: This style always stays in style, whether you need a traditional or contemporary look in your living room. Its tufted design with rolled arms perfectly blends luxury and comfort. It usually comes in leather, but other fabric options are also available.
  • Tuxedo Sofa: This sofa’s angular design can give your space a neat look. Moreover, its raised arms can help you sleep on it.
  • Camel Back Sofa: This design takes its name from the camelback. This sofa can give your living room a traditional look with its raised back and turned wooden legs.

Whether you consider a mid-century or chesterfield sofa for your interior, the choice of style is surely a collective decision. So make sure to get the opinions of all members before sticking to one style!

5 Don’t Forget the Upholstery

Sofas are designed and upholstered in various materials depending upon the needs and comfort of the user. When choosing upholstery, you should address functionality. Every material is used for specific purposes. If you go for suede material, it might look gorgeous in your living room, but this fabric may give you a tough time if you have children and pets.

In this case, you can opt for a microfiber sofa; its velvety texture and stain-resistant material make it suitable for kids and pets. However, if you are thinking about leather upholstery, it may be a good fit for modern and classic interiors and can be maintained easily. But outdoor fabric is another option of upholstery that is getting popular nowadays.

It is crafted with synthetic fibers, acrylic, and a blend of linen and cotton, making it easy to maintain. Thus, you can also pick this type of upholstery if you have a big family with pets!

Now you have been informed of the tricks to be considered while buying a sofa.
So, without further ado, visit the wide variety of couches at Winksleep and embellish your living room with a perfect one!