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Bespoke Art Deco Mirror Bed Frame


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The Bespoke Art Deco Mirror Bed Frame will definetly create a lasting impression and will be a huge statement in your bedroom due to sleek finish and clean lines. This bed has the benefit of being both comfortable and stylish. The fabric upholstered Bespoke Art Deco Mirror bedframe is manufactured from high quality foam and fabric. The original design of the fabric upholsterd Bespoke Art Deco mirror cobined with an mirror details creates textural and spatial illusions and gives the immediate feeling of uplifting light as soon as you enter.
  • Sprung slatted base
  • Geometical panelled head board with mirror ending
  • Ottoman option available

The Bespoke Art Deco Mirror Bed Frame is available in various colours in plush fabric.


The fabric used in making of bed is Plush. For example, if you choose Black Plush then the colour will be black, and the fabric will be Plush, just like the swatch.


Solid hardwood ensures that it is built to last, and it’s coupled with stunning base.


Sleep like a baby by choosing one of our handpicked mattresses, or you can buy the bed on its own.


It comes free with a matching 48-inch stylish headboard. You can also upgrade it up to 72-inch floor standing headboard.


We customize your bed to store your excess items away safely and discretely with the optional end lift storage bed.

Top to Bottom Height


Mirror Customization

You can choose from the following mirror options:

  • Plain mirror
  • Tinted mirror
  • Antique mirror

The Bespoke Art Deco Mirror Bed Frame is available in 3 different sizes.

  • 4FT 6(Double)
  • 5FT(King)
  • 6FT(Super King)

Each Bespoke Art Deco Mirror Bed Frame is handmade specifically for you by highly skilled local tradesmen.


This Bespoke Art Deco Mirror Bed Frame is fully compliant with UK fire regulations.



Double, King, Super King

Bed Frame Size

4FT(Small Double) , 5FT(King) , 6FT(Super King)


58" , 64" , 76"


80" , 83" , 83"


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