Small Double Beds for Every Space

Struggling to find the perfect small double bed to fit your space? Read on our blog to find the perfect one for every room size and style!

Living in a small space poses many challenges when it comes to furniture. Bedrooms often suffer the most from limited dimensions, making it difficult to fit in a comfortable bed along with other necessary furnishings. This is where small double beds can be a game-changer.

These beds are also known as 3/4 beds or three-quarter beds. However, they are longer than a twin or single bed, providing more room to stretch out. Their compact shape allows small double beds to maximise limited bedroom floor area without sacrificing comfort or support.

In our blog, we will shed light on the types of small double beds with storage, factors to consider before buying them, and address some common queries related to these versatile solutions.

Types of Small Double Beds With Storage

Although small double bedframes are loved for their space-saving size, their availability of storage solutions enhances their appeal. Here we share types of 3/4 double beds with storage:

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are versatile small double storage beds that lift up to reveal a large hollow interior for keeping linens, off-season clothing, shoes, and anything else you want out of sight. The hinged mattress provides easy access to the spacious storage cavity inside.

Ottoman 3 4 bed frames come in various materials like wood, leather, or fabric. Their compact shape fits well in petite bedrooms, and some models include extra built-in drawers or shelves.

Ottoman Beds

Divan Beds

If you are finding small double beds with drawers, you can easily find ones in divan beds. Divan beds boast handy pull-out drawers built right into their base, maximising storage capability.

Typically featuring from two to four spacious drawers, their heavy-duty construction can accommodate considerable bulk and weight. This efficient storage in three-quarter beds provides an excellent way to store apparel, bedding, or other belongings within arm's reach.

Divan Beds

Beds with Under-Bed Storage

Many small double beds add roll-out drawers or pull-out trays underneath the bed frame to take advantage of valuable hidden storage space. Some models include two to three-roomy drawers for a variety of storage needs.

Others feature shallow trays well-suited for storing shoes, hats, or other low-profile items you want close at hand. Beds with under-bed storage provide an efficient way to organise belongings while reducing furniture clutter in your compact bedroom.

Choosing the right small double bed with Storage

Since you have explored the types of storage available in small double beds. It is also important to know how to choose the right 4 ft bed with storage. Here are some tips you can consider before investing:

Size and Dimensions

When selecting a small double bed, be sure to consider the dimensions of your bedroom first. Small double or 3/4 bed size is approximately 4ft/ 6ft 3ins. Measure the length and width of your room to ensure enough space exists to situate the bed. About 2 feet of clearance on the sides is ideal, with extra allowance near doors.

Storage Capacity

Next, determine how much storage capacity you want in your 4-foot bed according to your needs. For ample linen, clothing, or general storage space, choose an ottoman bed that provides maximum volume storage in its hollow interior.

If you'll primarily be storing off-season apparel, 2-3 large pull-out divan drawers may suffice. Or consider a bed with under-bed drawers for shoes, accessories, and items you access frequently.

Material and Style

4ft bed with storage comes in various materials like wood, metal, or upholstered fabric. The style you choose, whether traditional, contemporary, or modern, comes down to personal taste.

You may choose wood tones and metal finishes that coordinate well with your existing bedroom furnishings and décor. Built-in storage beds with warm, minimalist styling tend to fit nicely in most rooms.

Additional Considerations

For buying the perfect small double bed, thinking about size, storage, material, and style may not be enough. Here are some additional pointers that can help you select the best three-quarter bed for your needs:

Mattress Compatibility

If you want to buy a small double bed with a mattress, then select a small double bed base designed specifically for the type of mattress you plan to use. Most modern platform beds easily accommodate sprung mattresses as well as memory foam and hybrid mattresses.

Some ottoman and divan storage beds, however, require a specific mattress size and depth to fit properly inside the frame. When purchasing a small double bed and mattress combo, opt for adjustable frames with flexible slats or panels to provide proper support for any mattress type.


Small double beds with storage have quite a wide price range in the UK. Basic metal frames with under-bed drawers start around £150 to £200. Mid-range wooden storage beds cost £200 to £500. Set a spending target in line with your budget before browsing selection.

This helps narrow options to beds realistically affordable for you. To save more, look for small double bed sales at online stores. By comparing prices, you can find the perfect storage bed to maximise your small bedroom without overspending.

Small Double Beds With Storage: A Comparison

If you’re still confused about which kind of small double bed is best for you, we have created a comparison to make your choice easier. Here is a quick overview:

Type Key Features Potential Benefits
Ottoman Bed Under-bed storage cavity
Often includes additional drawers/shelves
Maximises storage capacity
Easy access to stored items
Compact footprint
Divan Bed 2-4 pull-out drawers built into the base
Sturdy drawer construction
Smooth ball-bearing glides
Conveniently stores clothes/linens
Belongings within arm's reach
Flexible storage configuration
Bed with Under-Bed Storage Roll-out drawers under the frame
Low-profile trays or shallow storage
Typically has 2-3 drawers
Utilises hidden under-bed area
Easy access to stored items
Ideal for flat items like shoes

Final Remarks

Finding a bed to properly fit and function in a small bedroom poses unique challenges. However, thoughtfully designed small double bed frames provide the perfect solution. With narrow dimensions, small double beds are ideal for small rooms.

The versatility of 3/4 size beds can keep even the tiniest sleeping spaces both comfortable and tidy. By selecting the proper size, storage capacity, and style for your needs, a small double bed makes it possible to get a truly restful night’s sleep, even in the most space-constrained bedroom setting.

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What is the small double bed size in UK?

The small double bed size in the UK typically measures 120 cm (width) by 190 cm (length).

How do I choose the right size small double bed with storage for my bedroom?

Measure your bedroom space to ensure the small double bed with storage fits; consider storage needs and aesthetic preferences.

Are small double beds with storage comfortable for two people?

Small double beds with storage can be comfortable for two people depending on mattress quality and personal preference.

How can I ensure my small double bed with storage stays organised?

Utilise storage compartments effectively, and consider drawer dividers or under-bed organisers for better organisation.

Where can I find a good selection of small double beds with storage in the UK?

Explore furniture stores, online retailers, or specialty bed shops in the UK for a wide range of small double beds with storage options.

What is the difference between a small double bed and a standard double bed?

A small double bed typically measures 120 cm × 190 cm, while a standard double bed is 135 cm × 190 cm in the UK.

Do I need a special mattress for a small double bed with storage?

Choose a mattress that fits the dimensions of your small double bed with storage; consider memory foam or hybrid mattresses for optimal comfort.

How much do small double beds with storage typically cost in the UK?

Prices for small double beds with storage in the UK vary depending on quality, materials, and additional features, typically ranging from £200 to £800.

What are the delivery and assembly options offered by UK retailers?

UK retailers may offer delivery options including standard, express, or scheduled delivery, with assembly services available for an additional fee.