Top 5 dreamy colours to transform your bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal place in your house and where you'll spend the most time. It's where you wake up or come back after a long, hectic day. Believe it or not, the colours in your bedroom have a direct effect on your mind. Hence, it is advised to have your bedroom painted in vibrant colours that have a positive effect on your mood and mental health.

Choosing the right colour can be tedious, especially with all the different shades and colours available in the market.

Listed below are our five colour picks to transform your bedroom.

1. Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is a great colour choice to give your bedroom a calm and peaceful touch while also maintaining style. This colour is inspired by the ocean and night sky. This colour combines various other hues to create the perfect shade.

2. Pale Green

Timeless, luxurious with a touch of nature. Pale Green is a hue that will give your bedroom a touch of the outdoors.

If you want to give your bedroom a cosy look while maintaining its aesthetic appeal, pale green is a perfect option. This hue will give your bedroom a versatile and refreshing look.

3. Red

Transform your personal space with the bold allure of red.

Red energises and creates a dynamic ambiance. It adds passion and intensity, perfect for enhancing romance or creativity. Red hues can evoke warmth and cosiness, ideal for a comforting atmosphere. Make a bold statement that reflects your unique style and personality. Red pairs surprisingly well with various colours and textures for a sophisticated look.

4. Pink

Wondering how to elevate your bedroom's ambiance? Look no further than the soothing hues of pink. Beyond its charming appearance, pink is renowned for its calming effect, making it an ideal choice for creating a relaxing retreat after a long day.

5. Pastel Lavender

Embrace the Tranquil Beauty of Pastel Lavender

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary with the gentle charm of pastel lavender. This soothing hue creates a serene atmosphere perfect for unwinding and promoting relaxation. Its timeless elegance effortlessly complements any decor style, while reflecting natural light to enhance your space with an airy, refreshing feel.

How Bedroom Paint Colours Influence Mood?

According to new research it was found that colours have a huge impact on the human mind and psychology. Colour theory suggests that choosing the right colour for your bedroom will help reduce stress, help sleep and improve your mood overall.

Light Colours: Light colours are less stressful to the eyes, which helps in relaxing. They are also better for someone who has a harder time going to sleep. Navy Blue and Hunter Green are the perfect examples of cool colours.

Bright Colours: Brighter colours are better for someone who tends to go through mood swings and has an anxiety disorder. Brighter colours are also better for someone who has a harder time waking up in the morning.

Things to consider when choosing a colour for your room?

Bed frame colour: When choosing a colour for your bedroom, make sure the colour of the bed frame matches the room's colour. The bed frame should blend in with the room's colour. Having an odd-coloured bed frame will not set the ambience.

Colour combination: It is suggested not to use more than four combinations in any room to avoid any confusion tendencies. Studies suggest that the colours are linked to one’s emotions and other psychological factors.

Natural Light: If your room has direct natural light coming in it is suggested to use a darker shade of colours. Natural light will automatically make the room a bit vibrant. Using brighter colours when your room also has direct natural light will not only increase the temperature of your room than usual but also make the room stressing on you which may affect your mood negatively.

Do bedroom dimensions matter?

Yes they do. The size of your bedroom is also an important factor you should consider when deciding a colour for your bedroom.

If your bedroom is small, consider using lighter colours, lighter colours will make your room appear more spacious, colours like off-whites, light neutrals, pales, and pastels are recommended for smaller rooms.

In larger rooms it depends on the user. Using darker colour will help make the room look cosy because they absorb light faster. Using brighter colours will make the room look even larger but will also make it look vibrant.

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Final words

In short, deciding on a colour boils down to personal preference. Some people may enjoy bright and flashy colours, while others might completely hate them. There are no specific rules when it comes to deciding on a colour.

It’s recommended to use lighter colours in small bedrooms and darker colours in large bedrooms if you're trying to give your bedroom a cosy look while maintaining a good ambience at the same time.