King Size Ambassador Beds For Large Rooms

Looking for royal furniture for your spacious bedroom? Then, what about opting for a king-size ambassador bed, and giving your bedroom a luxurious look?

If you decide to go for ambassador beds for your bedroom, it is important to have some knowledge to select the best suitable variety for your room.

History of Ambassador Beds

If you intend to purchase the ambassador bed to uplift the style of your room, then knowing about its origin would serve as a topping to your joy.

It is amazing to know that ambassador beds originated back in the 17th century. At the time many traveling high-ranking political officials and king diplomats used to be invited and treated by the king to gain some favors for the country. These statesmen were given the royal treatment by offering them a king-size bed frame with a great-height headboard.

Kings considered this luxury upholstered bed frame as a way to show their wealth and importance to guest diplomats. So these ambassadors spread the popularity of beds in their regions, that is how these luxurious beds took the name “Ambassador Beds” known among folks.

What is Ambassador Bed?

The Ambassador bed consists of a grand headboard padded along with all the sides and footboard to ensure ultimate comfort and warmth. Thereby It is recommended for the most sophisticated bedroom designs.

Design of Ambassador Beds

These beds remained favorites for centuries because of their unique style. These beds are designed with tall headboards upholstered with a plush velvet or plain velvet fabric; studded with matching fabric buttons to give them a royal taste. Furthermore, They are created to fulfill various bedroom requirements through different frame sizes and storage options. Hence, all these enchanting features make this bed a perfect choice for a homeowner.

Types of Ambassador Beds

These luxury beds come in various designs following the needs, comfort, and likeness of customers. While discussing the features of ambassador beds, let’s spotlight the types of these opulent beds and help you decide the best one for yourself!

Ambassador Chesterfield Bed

In the chesterfield ambassador bed, the bed frame is designed with metal fittings on a solid wood frame to ensure durability. Moreover, This chesterfield style can add a modern vibe to your space.

Royal Ambassador Bed

This ambassador bed is styled with deep chesterfield padding to the overall frame; giving it a delicate touch. What about furnishing your room with something royal?

Sareer Ambassador Beds

Sareer-style ambassador beds have something different to offer you. They are elegantly designed with darker fabric buttons in a luxe headboard and a lower footboard to elevate the sense of space and comfort.

Park Lane Ambassador Beds

Parkland beds are another variety of ambassador beds with chunkier footboards and sides to give your body luxurious comfort. Therefore, the size of these beds is found much larger than traditional bedroom designs.

Luxury Ambassador Beds

Want to know why this variety is different? This ambassador bed frame is studded with buttons or diamante all over the sides; with a high-quality wooden base for mattress support.

Style of Ambassador Beds

These royal beds can be adorned in different styles in terms of fabrics, colours, and base design. So Let’s talk about some elements that can be employed to style these upholstered beds.


If you are looking to design a sophisticated or glamorous bedroom, there is a wide variety of fabrics that can be considered according to your needs and taste. The ambassador beds can be customized in a range of premium fabrics. The available fabrics are:

  • Crushed Velvet
  • Plush ( plain velvet)
  • Chenille
  • Naples

Make sure to opt for a suitable fabric, so that the luxe upholstery can uplift the interior of your bedroom.


Now if we talk about colours, it is important to mention that ambassador beds are designed with a unique blend of colours and fabric. Furthermore, these colours will play a vital role in transforming your bedroom and hold the ultimate feel of ambiance that lasts. The following colour combinations are considered popular in ambassador beds:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Cream
  • Teal
  • Mink
  • Lilac

Free Tip: If you want to add statement or subtle luxury to your room, the black ambassador bed is a perfect pick to fulfill your desire!

Sizes of Ambassador Beds

Ambassador beds are slightly larger than the standard beds because of their chunkier sides and footboard. So it is important to check the dimensions to accommodate it properly in your bedroom. However, the most common and standard sizes in ambassador beds are:

  • Single (3’× 6’3)
  • Small Double (4’× 6’3)
  • Double (4’6× 6’3)
  • King (5’× 6’6)
  • Super King (6’× 6’6)

Single Ambassador Bed

Want to have showstopper furniture in your bedroom? If you are worried, you have a small space, it is time to become happy and opt for a single ambassador bed. Moreover, the deep upholstered chesterfield design will give your room a lux look; even in single bed size. So get ready to fulfill your desire with a single ambassador bed!

Small Double Ambassador Bed

A small double-size bed is a perfect fit for couples, teenagers, and young adults who have limited space in their bedrooms but still want to enjoy the royal feeling. So, what about opting for a small double ambassador bed?

Double Ambassador Bed

Are you still sleeping on the iron or steel bed frame? Looking for something grand? Then, a double ambassador bed will be a perfect choice to fit your needs.

King Size Ambassador Bed

It is suitable for luxurious and grand bedroom decor styles. The king-size ambassador bed frame is studded with 300+ fabric buttons and a deep padded headboard to give you ultimate comfort and make you sleep undisturbed.

Super King Size Ambassador Bed

As the name shows, super king size takes the decor of the spacious bedroom to next level with its wide dimensions and unmatched comfort. This bed size is often reserved for luxury hotels, but if you want to enjoy the same ambiance in your space; it’s a perfect pick!

Ambassador Bed with Mattress

Ambassador beds are specially constructed with solid wood; wide headboards and upholstered sides to give your room a spacious look. Its traditional chesterfield style also helps to uplift your mattress and gives you a comfy space for enjoying movies and reading books.

While opting for ambassador beds, it is important to research the mattress as well. Since The choice of a mattress depends on your needs and physical condition. Here are some types of mattresses you can opt for your luxury bed:

  • Orthopedic Sprung Mattress
  • Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress
  • Full Memory Foam
  • Pocket 1000
  • Pocket 2000
  • Memory Pocket Pillow Top

Make sure to select the best mattress and raise your comfort to the next level!

Ambassador Bed with Storage

Ambassador beds are also crafted with some storage options to save your home space and free your bedroom from unwanted items. These are engineered with some storage options to fit your needs. So, Let’s talk about two main storage options featured in ambassador beds:

Ottoman Gas Lift Storage:

This type of storage option is in the form of two half bases with internal wood storage; making a look of a double wardrobe within the bed. Moreover, the ambassador ottoman bed is suitable for storage of much stuff which otherwise would create visual clutter.

Metal Gaslift Storage

This type of storage option is cheaper than the previous one. Metal gas lift storage offers you to put the items on the bed floor by lifting the metal slatted base. However, You can opt for any option according to your bedroom space and budget.

This article may be sufficient to enhance your knowledge about ambassador bed and their usage in different sizes of rooms. If you have made up your mind to opt for ambassador beds, then your desire is one step away from you. Just visit Wink Sleep and embellish your bedroom with a royal addition.