What is a Divan Bed

If you’ve ever wondered why a divan bed is so popular for bedroom furniture or if you want to find the perfect mix of comfort and function, this is just the right spot. We will tell you everything about divan beds. Starting from where they came from up to all the storage choices that they offer. Let’s find out more about the easy question, ‘What is a divan bed?’ together!

What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed is a well-known piece of furniture with a bed base and mattress all neatly packed into one. As compared to traditional bed frames with a headboard and footboard, divan beds consist of a simple flat base, usually set on short legs or casters to lift them just slightly off the floor.

The base of a divan bed is the main structural support for the mattress and typically features built-in storage drawers underneath. This makes divan sets a great space-saving option for bedrooms short on square footage.

What is ‘Divan’ Meaning?

Divan beds originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions, with the word “divan” coming from the Persian word meaning “couch.” Today, they are popular in the UK and Europe for their simplicity and flexibility.

What are the types of Divan Bed Bases?

Divan beds are made on different bases, each designed to meet different needs and preferences. Here are some common types of divan bed bases you can choose:

  • Platform Top Base: Platform bases have a solid wooden slat top rather than springs. Some may have sprung slats for a subtle flex. Platform divans provide back support through their rigidity and stability.
  • Continuous Sprung Base: As the name suggests, this base has springs layered continuously across the bed’s platform for consistent flexibility and bounce. They provide good overall support.
  • Open Sprung Base: This basic base type has metal springs arranged in a crisscross pattern and covered with insulator pads and fabric. Open-sprung bases have more give but less support.

What kind of Divan Bed Storage is Available?

Divan beds are stylish and practical options that can be your best bedroom companion. These beds offer various storage options, including drawer and ottoman gas lift options. Let’s explore these:

Drawer Storage

  • 2 Drawer Divans – The two oversized drawers provide ample room for linens, clothing and more. Good starter storage.
  • 4 Drawer Divans – Four deep, wide drawers allow organised storage for multiple bedding sets, pillows, winter bedding and extra belongings. Popular choice.

Ottoman Storage

Ottoman storage in divan beds refers to hollow storage spaces built into the base of the bed. This hidden compartment offers ample space to store your belongings, whether bedding or off-season clothes. There are two main types of lift systems that divan beds offer:

Side Lift Ottomans

The Side lift ottomans have hinged padded lids on one or both sides that lift open to access the storage compartment inside the ottoman. Side openings allow easy access without walking around or moving the ottoman.

End Lift Ottomans

End lift ottomans have hinged lids on one or both ends/sides that lift upwards. The hydraulic pistons make it simple to lift the entire top to reveal storage space inside. You may have to move the ottoman slightly to open the lids.

Browse our wide variety of divan ottoman beds and find the perfect fit for your style & storage needs!

Which Mattress can be used on a Divan Bed?

If you are wondering which kind of mattress can be used on a divan bed, you must know these beds can be paired with multiple mattresses. This versatility allows you to enjoy your divan bed with tailored comfort and stability. Let’s have a look at some mattresses that you can use:

  • Spring Mattresses – Open coil or pocket sprung mattresses can be used. Open coil spring mattresses offer good bounce and breathability, while pocket sprung isolates motion better.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses – Memory foam conforms closely to the body’s contours for pressure relief. Denser foams provide more support. Memory foam reduces motion transfer.
  • Latex Mattresses – All-natural latex or blended latex mattresses provide responsiveness and resilience. Latex contours gently and rebounds well without sagging.
  • Hybrid Mattresses – Hybrids combine pocketed springs for support topped with memory foam to balance comfort, breathability and motion isolation.

Are Divan Beds Better for Your Back?

If you often face back problems, then divan beds can be better options for your back health than other bed frames. Here are some of the key reasons why:

  • Customisable Firmness: Divans allow you to choose the ideal mattress firmness for your back’s needs. Firmer pocket sprung or latex mattresses provide more support for better spinal alignment.
  • Even Weight Distribution: The storage drawers and ottomans in divan bases distribute weight evenly across the platform. This minimises sagging in the middle to maintain healthy back positioning.
  • Adjustable Height: Divan beds come in a wide range of heights, from 6 inches up to 18 inches. Choosing a higher set divan makes getting in and out easier, preventing strain.

Pros and Cons of a Divan Bed

Before you make your choice, you must know the benefits and drawbacks of having a divan bed. Although benefits carry more weight, downsides should also be considered.


  • Inbuilt Storage: Divans have spacious drawers or ottomans built right into the base for keeping bedding, clothing and more out of sight. This maximises bedroom storage capacity.
  • Customisable: Divans allow you to select just a base and pair it with the precise mattress type, height, size and firmness level you want. This customisability ensures excellent comfort.
  • Easy Assembly: Most divans ship flat-packed for customer assembly. But they are relatively easy to assemble compared to complex bed frame styles.
  • Mobility: Divans on glides or casters can easily be moved around the bedroom to facilitate cleaning or rearrangement.
  • Durability: Quality divan beds made of sturdy woods like oak or elm can last over a decade with proper care and maintenance.


  • Lack of Style: To some, divan beds may appear too minimalistic or plain, especially without a headboard attached. Not the most decorative option.
  • Mattress Fit: Since divans lack bed rails, ill-fitted mattresses can occasionally slide around. Securing straps may be needed.
  • Limited Height: Low profile divan heights may make it difficult for those with mobility issues to get into and out of.

How Do You Put Divan Bed Together?

Divan bed assembly can seem daunting, but it is actually a pretty straightforward process. Here is a quick overview of the key steps to assemble your new divan bed:

Unpack and Identify Components

Lay out all the wooden bed base panels and cross beams that make up the divan set, and confirm you have all the required parts by checking them against your instruction manual.

Connect Side Frames

Attach the front and back base panels to join with the side panels, slotting the pieces carefully together and securing them with Allen bolts, screws or clips pre-inserted into the wood frame. Use the provided hex key or screwdriver to tighten.

Add Supporting Beams

With the basic frame complete, install the supporting cross beams with hardware to reinforce the divan base internally before placing the mattress on top.

Attach Storage Unit

If your divan has integrated storage drawers, connect them with screws to either the bottom or sides of the bed base now according to specifications.

Flip Right-Side Up

The almost-finished assembly can now cautiously be flipped right side up and placed where desired in your room. Double-check that all holes and screws are properly aligned and tightened.

Final Thoughts

A divan bed is a flexible and useful option to organise and provide comfort in a bedroom. Whether open coil or pocket sprung, its design caters to different sleeping habits and comfort preferences.

These beds are a flexible alternative that suits different room sizes and décor themes because of their various styles, materials, and storage choices. It is the best option for individuals looking for both functionality and comfort, improving their sleeping experience while saving space in the bedroom.