Best Single Divan Beds with Storage

Are you tired of your small bedroom feeling cramped and cluttered? If so, a single divan bed with built-in storage might be what you need! These nifty beds give you extra space to keep your things organised and out of sight.

Divan beds have a raised base with a hollow space underneath, perfect for stashing away anything from extra bedding and clothes to books and toys. No more clutter on the floor or stuffing things under the bed – with a divan bed, you get sneaky hidden storage right where you need it.

Types Of Divan Beds With Storage

Not all divan beds are created equal when it comes to storage. There are a few different styles, each with its clever way of hiding your stuff. Here's a quick rundown:

Ottoman Style

These have a big, hollow base that lifts on hinges like a giant ottoman. Just raise the lid and toss your extra blankets, pillows, or whatever else you need to stash inside. Ottoman divans usually have the most storage space.

Drawer Style

Instead of one big open space, these divans have drawer compartments built into the base. Multiple drawers on rollers or sliders make organising and accessing your stored items easy.

Side-Lift Style

A side-opening lid or panel lets you reach the storage area from the side rather than the end of the bed. Great for tight spaces where you can't fully lift an ottoman lid.

Each style has its pros and cons. Ottomans hold the most but can be heavy to lift.
Drawers are super organised but may have less total space. Side lifts are compact but can be trickier to access fully. Consider how you'll use the storage to decide which type best suits you.

Best Single Divan Beds With Storage

If you're looking for the best space-saving solutions, here we have shortlisted the top picks of single divan beds with storage:

Summit Ottoman Divan Bed

Feel the ultimate comfort with the Summit Ottoman Divan Bed. Featuring a luxurious 48-inch wide-panelled headboard, this stylish divan bed offers ample storage space beneath. You can choose various colours to find the perfect match for your bedroom décor.

Elegance Ottoman Divan Bed

Rest in luxury with Elegance Ottoman Divan Bed boasting a lavish 48-inch panelled headboard for ultimate comfort and style. Each bed offers a unique tone to complement any decor and is available in a sumptuous boucle, cosy teddy, and opulent plush fabric.

Cascade Ottoman Divan Bed

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality with our Cascade Ottoman Divan Bed. Its classic Chesterfield buttoned headboard exudes timeless charm, while the hidden storage offers practicality without compromising elegance. This bed is available in a selection of indulgent boucle, cosy teddy, and plush fabrics, ensuring comfort and sophistication.

Regency Ottoman Divan Bed

Uplift your bedroom with the opulent Regency Ottoman Divan Bed, boasting a beautifully upholstered headboard adorned with a refined leaf pattern. It's designed for style and practicality and conceals ample hidden storage space. You may choose from luxurious boucle, cosy teddy, or plush fabrics to suit your taste and create a serene sanctuary.

How to Choose the Right Single Divan Bed with Storage?

With all the different divan beds out there, it can be tricky to pick the perfect one. But no worries, think through a few key things, and you'll find your dream storage bed in no time!

Size Matters

Measure your bedroom—you'll want to get a divan that properly fits. Leave enough space to walk around the bed and open drawers or lids. Remember to consider height if you need clearance under shelves or slanted ceilings.

Storage Needs

How much stuff do you need to store? A smaller drawer divan could do the trick with just a few extra bedding sets. But if you're trying to clear out clutter, go big with an ottoman style that maximises space.

Bedroom Style

Browse divans that match your decor. Fancy-tufted designs, clean platform looks, or cosy fabrics—many styles match your vibe. Don't forget to coordinate colours, too!

Easy Access

Will you primarily stash and remove items from the side or foot of the bed? Side-lift and drawer divans are super convenient for access from the sides in tighter spaces.

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Budget Bracket

These storage beds cover a wide range. Decide how much you can realistically spend. Drawers and fancy upholstery add to the cost, while basic ottomans are the most affordable.

Prioritise what's most important - whether it's maxed storage, a certain style, easy use, or budget - and that'll point you to your perfect divan pick!

Care and Maintainance

Once you've scored your swanky new storage divan bed, you'll want to keep it looking fresh for years. Follow these simple tips to keep your divan in tip-top shape:

Clean It Up

Give your divan a good once-over every few months with the vacuum's upholstery attachment. This'll suck up any dust bunnies or crumbs hiding in the crevices. For spills, spot clean with a mild detergent and damp cloth.

Lift With Care

Be gentle when raising the storage compartment, whether yours is an ottoman or side-lift style. Don't let it slam shut—that can break or warp the hinges and lid over time. Lift from the middle rather than pulling on just one side.

Organise Inside

Once you've filled the divan's storage area, keep it tidy! Use storage bins or soft crates to group items neatly. This prevents things from getting jumbled and damaged.

With just a little TLC, your divan bed with built-in storage should stay sturdy and stow your stuff properly for ages.

Summing Up

A single divan bed with storage is the ultimate space-saving solution for cramped bedrooms. From roomy ottomans to organized drawers and side-lift options, there's a style to maximize any living space.

With plenty of top-rated models, you'll find the perfect divan bed to declutter and completely transform your sleep sanctuary. Don't settle for a cluttered, chaotic bedroom any longer - invest in some savvy storage with a sleek new divan!