Difference Between Ottoman and Divan Beds

Do you get confused between ottoman beds and divan beds? You're not alone! Many people mix them up because they sound quite similar. But don't worry, we're going to make it super simple to understand the difference between these two types of beds.

An ottoman bed is like a big storage box with a lid that opens up. You can use the space inside to store all sorts of things like extra blankets, pillows, or even clothes.

On the other hand, a divan bed is a raised rectangular frame on which you put your mattress. Divan beds often have drawers or compartments underneath where you can keep your stuff.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An ottoman bed is a big storage box at the end of your bed. It looks like a large rectangular box with a lid on top that you can open up. Inside that lid, there's tons of space to store things like extra blankets, pillows, or clothes.

The cool thing about ottoman beds is that they don't have any headboards or footboards - just that simple storage box shape. This makes them neat and great for smaller spaces where you need storage but don't want something bulky.

What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed is like a raised platform on which you put your regular mattress. It's a rectangular base that lifts your mattress off the floor.

Instead of legs at each corner, divan beds have a solid, flat surface underneath where you can often find some built-in storage. Many divan beds come with drawers or compartments along the sides or footboard area where you can neatly tuck away extra linens, clothes, or whatever else needs storing.

Key Differences Between Ottoman And Divan Beds

Ottoman and divan beds differ greatly in terms of design, structure, and functionality. Get some overview of the main differences:

The Main Purpose

  • Ottoman beds are all about extra storage - they have that big compartment under the lid to stash things away.
  • Divan beds are designed for sleeping first, with the main focus being the raised base to support your mattress.

The Overall Look

  • Ottoman beds are super simple and streamlined, with just a rectangular box at the end of your bed.
  • Divan beds make more of a statement with their bigger, chunkier base that elevates your mattress.

Storage Styles

  • With an ottoman bed, you have that one open space when you lift the lid.
  • Divan beds can get fancier with drawer options and different compartment configurations.

Customisation Choices

  • Ottoman beds don't have options to customise the style or add extras.
  • Divan beds let you pick headboards and footboards to tailor the look more.

Space-Saving Abilities

  • Ottoman beds are total space-savers with storage conveniently built right into the frame.
  • Divan beds occupy more floor space, though some have under-bed storage areas.

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Choosing The Right One For Your Needs

Whenever you look at the features of both beds, you may get confused about which one suits you best. Here are some questions to think about before investing.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

  • If you need tons of storage space, an ottoman bed is amazing with that huge compartment inside.
  • But if you need extra room for linens, a divan with under-bed drawers could work.

What Size Space Are You Working With?

  • Ottoman beds are super space-saving and compact, great for smaller rooms or apartments.
  • Divan beds take up more floor space, so you'll need a larger bedroom area to accommodate them.

Do You Want a Traditional Bed Look?

  • Ottoman beds have that modern, minimalist vibe without headboards or footboards.
  • Divan beds give you that classic bed frame style if you want to add a headboard.

How Important is Under-Bed Accessibility?

  • With ottoman beds, you'll need to lift the whole lid to access the storage area
  • Divan drawers or side compartments allow easier access without excessive bending

Price Comparison Between Ottoman And Divan Beds

When it comes to pricing, ottoman beds and divan beds can vary quite a bit depending on the size, materials, and any extra features. But in general, here's how their costs compare in the UK market:

Ottoman Beds

  • You can find decent quality ottoman beds starting around £200-£300 for a single size.
  • Mid-range options with better storage and mechanisms are usually £400-£600.

Divan Beds

  • Basic divan bed bases tend to start around £150-£250 for a single.
  • Adding storage drawers usually adds £100-£300 to the price.

So, at the lower end of the price range, ottoman beds do tend to cost a bit more than the most basic divan bases. But divan sets with headboards and storage can get very expensive fast.

The main factor is that ottoman beds have built-in hydraulic storage already included, while divan prices are more flexible based on whether you add drawer storage, headboards, etc.

Note: Remember that higher prices don't always mean higher quality - do your research on trusted manufacturers and look for sturdy construction, too!

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, both ottoman beds and divan beds have their unique advantages. Ottoman beds are total space-saving superstars with that genius built-in storage. They keep things simple and streamlined in your bedroom.

Divan beds, on the other hand, let you build that perfect bed setup you've always dreamed of, with options for headboards, footboards, and under-bed storage galore. No matter which one you choose, make sure it fits your storage needs, budget, and bedroom size. At the end of the day, the right bed for you is the one that provides comfort, function, and a style you love!

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